Instant Messaging on PowerPC Macs


So you wanna use ICQ, Facebook Chat, Skype Chat and Steam Mobile Gateway on your trusty old PPC machine? Bear with us - and install Psi here.

After installation of the corresponding version for your version of OSX, run the application. Choose to register a new user when asked.

  • As for the server enter:
  • Accept the settings, leave "probe legacy SSL port" checked
registration screen OSX
  • When informed about the failed authenticity, choose "Trust this certificate"
  • Next choose a username and password for logging into the service
  • You should get a note about sucessful registration. Well done, almost there!
top menu service discory item
  • Next choose "General" -> "Service Discovery" from the top menu
  • You should now see a list of gateways. Double-click the service of your liking
  • Enter your account info. (of the 3rd-party network, NOT your just created Psi user)
  • Happy chatting :-)


Theo "Knezzen" Knez

Not only came up with the idea of a Jabber XMPP server for classic Mac. He even carried it out.

Sebastian "Bolkonskij" Patting

Created this neat website and tested various clients with Theo.