Instant Messaging on the classic Mac OS

Ever dreamt of using ICQ, Facebook chat, Skype chat and Steam Mobile Gateway on your classic Mac machine?
Using the MacGarden xmpp server you can. Simply download the appropiate version of Jabbernaut for your system here.

Please be aware that there are some known problems*

How To
- Run Jabbernaut. Click on File -> New Profile. Click on "Register new" to get your account.
- Choose a username and password. Leave the Resource field alone. For the server, enter Press "ok".
- A pop-up should report the successful registration of your new user! (ignore possible errors popping up)
- In the top menu bar click on "Windows" and choose "Agents"
- You get a new window called "Agents List". Click on the "" entry and chooose a gateway, e.g. facebook.
- Choose "Register" and enter your account information, pick "Authorize & Subscribe" next
- Now go to "Action" and choose "Login" (this step might not be neccessary)
- If correct, you should see your connected users in the roster. Have fun! :-)

* Known issues

All gateways: Contact names are not set correctly, just their raw UIN's/usernames are displayed. (If you added all your transports/gateways in Psi under OSX, the nicks should look correct in Jabbernaut too.)
ICQ: When sending a message, a second blank msg gets send too

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